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Update of the Education Act

Proposed changes to the Education Act will give you more tools to support your Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako, including its governance, and how you support your learners’ progress and achievement.

The proposed changes will:

  • recognise Kāhui Ako in the Act and enable Kāhui Ako to opt in to a framework that allows more joined up arrangements between school boards
  • enable schools and Kāhui Ako to introduce cohort entry following consultation with staff, parents, early learning services and communities to enable coordinated pathways from ECE to school
  • introduce a framework for online learning to provide a more diverse range of learning opportunities and access to expert teachers
  • improve and clarify accountabilities for school boards of trustees and support meaningful planning and reporting to parents, families and whānau
  • introduce a Statement of National Education and Learning Priorities to clarify the government’s priorities for the early learning and schooling systems.

How this tool could be used

It is expected that the Bill will be passed in Parliament shortly and will come into effect over time. From when it passes, you’ll be able to consider how your Kāhui Ako sits within the strategic direction of the education system and whether the new voluntary governance arrangements are something your Kāhui Ako would like to explore.

The legislative provisions relating to cohort entry will come into force in mid-2017. This will enable Kāhui Ako and schools to consult with their parents and communities on whether to adopt cohort entry later in 2017 if they wish, with the possibility of implementing cohort entry in 2018.

Related tools

There are a number of other changes within the Education Act Update that may affect your Kāhui Ako, including refocusing government’s careers services information provision.

Action planning ideas

Before the Update of the Education Act comes into force...

  • Have you discussed cohort entry with your individual board and/or Kāhui Ako?
  • Could a statutory governance agreement assist with building collective leadership in your Kāhui Ako?

Once the Update of the Education Act comes into force...

  • Consult with your communities on whether cohort entry could be adopted by your Kāhui Ako.
  • Discuss which current and/or future projects within your Kāhui Ako could benefit from having a formalised governance agreement.

Where to find out more

Find out more about the Update of the Education Act, including the Bill itself and the outline of all the proposals it contains.

Link with the Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako Development Map

This tool will help your Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako progress within Domain 2 of the Development Map: Leading for progress and achievement for every child and every teacher.