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Secondary tertiary transitions pathways

The Secondary Tertiary Transitions Pathways Application provides Kāhui Ako with a way to easily create and display secondary and tertiary transitions data.

This tool will provide you with rich content about your learners, allowing you to see:

  • learners’ transitions from secondary to tertiary education
  • tertiary provision patterns and trends
  • occupations data and information on local and regional employment needs
  • what students go on to do, after leaving your Kāhui Ako.

This tool will support your planning and build your capability to tackle your achievement challenges to improve learner pathways.

How this tool could be used

Secondary Tertiary Transitions Pathways is hosted by The Tertiary Education Commission on their Nga Kete website. Kāhui Ako leaders and secondary schools will gain access to the site from mid-2017 using their individual Education Sector Authentication and Authorisation account.

Kāhui Ako and all secondary schools will be able to licence one or two people to access this tool.

This tool will support you to design local pathways to:

  • understand local and regional employment needs
  • develop strong partnerships
  • align education pathways to employment destinations.

Related tools

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Action planning ideas

The tool will provide you with evidence to understand the transition of school leavers into tertiary education. The Secondary Tertiary Transitions Pathways application provides you and your Kāhui Ako with the ability to analyse data faster and in more depth than previously possible.

Consider how your Kāhui Ako can use the tool to:

  • provide a consistent approach to how you use relevant data
  • use evidence to inform curriculum design
  • work with tertiary providers to create seamless transitions
  • across the learner pathway
  • align programmes to employment opportunities
  • identify enrolment strategies and pathways in tertiary education.

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This tool will help your Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako progress within: