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Learning support update

The Learning Support Update will modernise and improve learning support so it’s easier to access and is child-focused, flexible and better integrated with the entire education system.

The Update will provide access to the right support, at the right time, to realise the full potential of every learner.

Elements of the Learning Support service delivery model are being tested throughout Term 1 within Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako in Whakatane, Ōtūmoetai and Taupo.

Co-designed with these Kāhui Ako, the Learning Support Pilot will validate, measure and evaluate key aspects of the service delivery model in the field.

Outcomes and lessons learned will inform nationwide implementation later in 2017.

The Learning Support Pilot is testing:

  • a single Learning Support Plan for each learner, to determine the ongoing learning support that will be provided. The plan will be established by local Kāhui Ako Learning Support Facilitators to bring together a clear picture of the learning support to be provided, coordinate service providers and facilitate flexible, tailored and dedicated solutions for learners. Plans will evolve and move with the child.
  • the Learning Support facilitator roles, which will bring knowledge of all aspects of Learning Support and resources to the planning work alongside parents, whānau and teachers, make sure the plan happens, and review the plan as needed.
  • the lead practitioner role, where the specialist and/or practice skills to deliver support lie. They will be the primary point of contact for parents, whānau and teachers while support is provided, and will provide information and act as a champion for the child’s learning support at the front line in schools, early childhood centres and ngā kōhanga reo.
  • how to ensure that if changes occur, e.g. if a child moves, or if there is a need for review or if whānau or others have concerns about progress, the Ministry (through the Learning Support Facilitator) will carry responsibility for being the single point of contact, and this point of contact will be communicated for children and their whānau.
  • the collection of individual student data related to all avenues of formal learning support and achievement. This will give a child-centred view of effectiveness.

How this tool could be used

  • Later in 2017, educators in Kāhui Ako and schools outside of the Bay of Plenty – Waiariki region will have the opportunity to implement the Learning Support Update.
  • A next step could involve all partners in the Kāhui Ako sharing their views to see how the Learning Support pathway could be applied and what opportunities exist to tailor it to meet the needs of their community.

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Action planning ideas

  • Begin planning for the implementation of the Learning Support Update new service delivery model and how it could be delivered within your Kāhui Ako.
  • Begin discussions with parents and whānau on the Learning Support Pilot and the new service delivery model, and signal your intention to implement the Learning Support Update later in 2017.

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