developing and connecting along the whole educational journey for every child

Te Rāngai Kāhui Ako ā-Iwi

You can use Te Rāngai Kāhui Ako ā-Iwi in your Kāhui Ako to identify and share best practice in Māori medium education. Examples of the types of conversations it can support:

  • How can your Kāhui Ako use the 4 quadrants of the Framework to support quality Māori medium education?
  • How can your Kāhui Ako tailor Māori medium provision for their region in terms of whānau interest, te reo acquisition and capability?
  • How can your Kāhui Ako think about providing seamless and accessible pathways when there is a range of different types of provision and limited areas where a full Māori medium pipeline (ECE – Wharekura/Wānanga) exists?

Te Rāngai Kāhui Ako ā-Iwi has 2 main components:

  • Te Rāngai Kāhui Ako ā-Iwi, which is based on analysis of areas where Māori medium education is thriving. It is built around 4 quadrants.
  • Māori Medium Education Regional System Data and Analysis, which uses benchmarked data to provide information about how well Māori medium education is performing by region.

Te Rāngai Kāhui Ako ā-Iwi is an approach that ensures that we have highquality and sustainable Māori medium pathways available for all learners. As educators, your focus will be on raising Māori achievement in a systematic, agile and responsive manner.

Your Kāhui Ako has a key role to play in this.

How this tool could be used

  • A first step could consider what is happening for Māori medium education in your region. Is there a pipeline of Māori medium provision available?
  • A second step could involve all partners in the Kāhui Ako or Māori medium education network discussing how effectively information on Māori medium education could be shared within your region and across regions.
  • A third step could involve Kāhui Ako discussing potential future actions for strengthening Māori medium education for your region, with your local Ministry office, whānau, iwi and communities.

Related tools

  • Other tools presented in the Pathways domain can help with developing pathways that meet the needs of all learners throughout their education journey.
  • The Evidence domain includes Public Achievement Information (PAI), which can help Kāhui Ako gain insights into achievement in different regions around the country.

Action planning ideas

You can use the Framework to think about what Māori medium education looks like within Kāhui Ako and your wider education region. You could start by asking:

  • what is going well with Māori medium education in your Kāhui Ako or the wider region?
  • what is not going well with Māori medium education in Kāhui Ako or the wider region?
  • what do you see in your Kāhui Ako or wider region that the regional profile is not showing?

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Link with the Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako Development Map

This tool will help your Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako progress within Domain 4 of the Development Map: Pathways developing and connecting along the whole educational journey for every child.