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Vocational Pathways in Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako

Vocational Pathways help Kāhui Ako provide learners, families and whānau with clear links to future employment, study or training opportunities. Vocational Pathways arrange all jobs in the economy into 6 sectors and recommend appropriate study and training options for learners across all levels of the education system. Vocational Pathways involves the use of two complementary tools: the curriculum design and self review cycle, and the Programme design self review template. Find both on the Youth Guarantee website

The curriculum design and self review cycle provides a framework for school review, both for individual schools and across Kāhui Ako.

The programme design self review template provides a framework for self-reviewing individual programmes within departments/faculties, at the school and across Kāhui Ako.

Kāhui Ako can use the 2 tools to:

  • evaluate the employment and tertiary/training opportunities available in their community, and the needs of all learners
  • review together the curriculum jointly offered to the learners in their community
  • evaluate with their community how they support the pathways and destinations of all learners and meet their learning needs
  • evaluate the engagement, achievement and retention of all learners along the curriculum pathways available.

How this tool could be used

  • A first step could be using this tool within each school to review and evaluate your curriculum.
  • Your next step could involve all partners in the Kāhui Ako sharing their reviews to see how learning pathways and achievement challenges align with regional vocational opportunities.
  • A third step could involve Kāhui Ako discussing with regional employers and tertiary/training providers how the pathways could better align with regional vocational opportunities.

Related tools

  • Other tools presented in the Pathways domain can help with developing pathways that meet the needs of all learners, throughout their education journey.
  • The new ‘Secondary Tertiary Transitions Pathways’ leaver destination data tool in the Evidence domain can help your Kāhui Ako understand how well your pathways are working for your learners.
  • The Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako Local Curriculum Smart Tool in the Teaching domain can help your Kāhui Ako track progress towards implementing a new pathways-based approach to curriculum design.
  • Tools in the Partnering domain can help you involve parents, employers, and the wider community in curriculum design.

Action planning ideas

Schools are currently using Vocational Pathways in a number of ways, and there is an opportunity for Kāhui Ako to develop practice in this area. For example, Kāhui Ako could:

  • evaluate your curriculum using the Vocational Pathways profile builder (a tool that enables you to see how your programme aligns).
  • collaborate with tertiary providers and industry training organisations in each region, offering greater choice of programmes to learners aligned with industry qualifications and NCEA.
  • link with primary schools to identify their shared interests, strengths and needs.
  • consider how curriculum design can incorporate Vocational Pathways.

Where to find out more

Contact your local Ministry of Education Office, or 

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