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Additional infrastructure support

Your Kāhui Ako may want to investigate seeking additional infrastructure support to make the most of new opportunities, efficiencies and ways of working. Changing how you think about infrastructure might offer you operational and time savings that can be reinvested back into teaching and learning to assist with your achievement challenges.

Opportunities for infrastructure support include:

  • Kāhui Ako level planning and analysis 

  • Kāhui Ako wide infrastructure reports 

  • Single property advisor assigned to whole Kāhui Ako 

  • Differentiated facilities management model – suite of property maintenance initiatives for Kāhui Ako 

  • Aligned property management planning approach [e.g. 10 year property plans (10YPP)] 

The Ministry’s Education Infrastructure Service teams can provide and coordinate support to meet your Kāhui Ako infrastructure needs. 

How this tool could be used

The Ministry’s Education Infrastructure Service staff support you with infrastructure related topics for your Kāhui Ako.
Key roles include:

Regional Infrastructure Manager – Has oversight of all Crown- owned education infrastructure in your region across the 0-18 pathway, including Kāhui Ako.

Infrastructure Manager – Has oversight of all Kāhui Ako in your region and works with the Ministry’s Sector Enablement and Support teams to support your Kāhui Ako infrastructure
needs effectively.

Property Advisor – Your primary contact and key relationship holder with the Ministry. They help schools develop property plans and provide you advice and support in infrastructure matters. 

Action planning ideas

  • Infrastructure services will be available through Bundled Services. Communities of Learning will be able to use this as a resource to support decisions regarding where they would prioritise and focus their cumulative spending.
  • In the meantime, Kāhui Ako can begin to have conversations about their operational and administrative spending to identify potential areas to ‘bundle’ services together. 

Where to find out more

For Bundled Services:

email: Megan Reid

OR for any other infrastructure support,


We will notify you about Bundled Services via the Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero, He Pānui Kōhungahunga Early Learning Bulletin and Infrastructure Matters. 

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