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Change management support

From July 2017, change managers will be available to support all Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako.

Change managers can work with your Community of Learning to facilitate stronger formation, work through system changes that improve processes and procedures, and help to ensure effective,
ongoing communication with parents and the wider community about these changes.

Change management guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change, create success and achieve desired outcomes. Change managers can facilitate support for Kāhui Ako to work together as a connected, collaborative community.

A change manager can offer advice and practical support in areas such as re-directing the use of resources, business processes, budget allocations, leadership arrangements, and methods of operation.

How this tool could be used

Change managers can support Communities of Learning as they consider areas such as effective individual, learning organisation and whole of community change. Their support could reduce the time for the formation and development of systems and processes, allowing more time for what really matters – raising achievement.

Change managers will agree a work programme with your Community of Learning and be available to support you for a set number of days, for up to two years.

Contact your Director of Education to find out how a change manager can help your Community of Learning.

Related tools

  • Expert partners can support Communities of Learning with their achievement challenges and developing processes and strategies for tackling them.
  • Change managers, together with expert partners, can facilitate a whole of system change for your Community of Learning, starting with a clear plan for how to do this.

Action planning ideas

A change manager can help you:
• manage the logistics of effectively working with multiple schools and early learning services
• facilitate the work of multiple boards of trustees
• ensure all the members of the Community of Learning are on the same page and heading in the same direction
• share and use multiple systems and processes across Community of Learning members
• find efficient ways to share resources
• find ways to work smarter and more collaboratively
• communicate effectively and in a timely manner with parents and your wider community
• create a shared vision for your Community of Learning.

Change managers will help you with these and other change activities. You have the flexibility to use a change manager to suit the particular needs of your Community of Learning.

Where to find out more

Your local Ministry office

Link with the Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako Development Map

This tool will help your Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako progress within:
Domain 4: Pathways developing and connecting along the whole educational journey for every child and
Domain 6: Building a thriving Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako.