a thriving Community of Learning

Our people

Ministry of Education Sector Enablement and Support teams provide a range of support to our many education sector partners. These include early learning services me ngā kōhanga reo (early learning services), schools, kura, tertiary providers, teen parent units, trades and service academies, communities and iwi.

The Ministry’s teams are ready to provide and coordinate support to meet your needs, whether you are an established or potential Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako.

They can:

  • facilitate discussions between education providers interested in being involved in a Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako
  • provide insights, knowledge and understanding of local education providers with similar education pathways
  • broker services and support as required, e.g. for those
with additional learning needs or professional learning and development (PLD) to strengthen evidence-based decisions

  • ensure services are tailored to meet the needs of your children and young people, and support you to keep their learning on track

  • recommend resources to improve student achievement and meet your community’s achievement challenges

  • provide data for getting the achievement challenge process started
  • help you understand how to interpret and analyse data in your own organisations and across a Community of Learning to set your achievement challenges
  • provide support and advice on connecting with your wider community.

How our people can help you

These Ministry staff can support you if you are thinking about joining or forming a Community of Learning. If you are an existing Community of Learning, they can help you through the various stages of your journey.

  • Director of Education – has oversight of all education in your region across the 0-18 pathway, including Kāhui Ako.
  • Education Manager – has oversight of all Kāhui Ako in your region and coordinates and leads Ministry teams to support your Kāhui Ako effectively.
  • Education Advisor – your primary contact and key relationship holder with the Ministry. They work alongside you and broker the support you require.
  • Community of Learning Lead Advisor - provides key guidance and advice while overseeing and supporting the Kāhui Ako formation and implementation process.
  • SAF Practitioner – uses inquiry into data and culturally responsive practice (Ka Hikitia) to support the development of achievement challenges focused on Māori and priority learner achievement and success.
  • Secondary Tertiary Lead – experienced in analysing NCEA data, secondary learning pathways, context in curriculum, quality qualifications, progression in education from Level 2 into tertiary training, connections to local industry and tertiary providers. Can provide local employment and destination data. 

Action planning ideas

  • Make use of the understanding Ministry regional staff have of the local context that education providers, iwi and communities work in.
  • Ask them to share their knowledge and expertise to help you make informed decisions throughout your Kāhui Ako journey.
  • Ask them to recommend information and resources that match your specific requirements, based on where you are at in your Community of Learning journey. 

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