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Sharing existing resources and facilities

Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako can leverage their collective resources to save money and time and generate efficiencies. This enables you to re-invest these savings or efficiencies into teaching and learning to maximise educational outcomes for your children and young people.

Working together to make key resourcing decisions will strengthen your collective vision and increase your focus on your achievement challenges.

There are a number of ways you can share existing resources:

  • Staffing transfers – you can transfer staffing entitlement to share the costs of employing additional resource. 

  • Funding sharing arrangements – you can pool operational funding for a variety of purposes. 

  • The organisation and distribution of Community of Learning roles – you have flexibility in how you allocate Community of Learning teacher roles across your community. 

  • Property and facilities – such as specialist labs, gymnasiums and swimming pools. 

  • Work as Early Learning Services clusters using the Strengthening Early Learning Opportunities (SELO) programme to align with the 0-18 pathway in Communities of Learning, with a view to becoming involved with or formally joining a Kāhui Ako. 
Sharing existing resources or accessing new bundled services will help your Kāhui Ako save time and money and focus on the needs of your community’s children and young people across the learning pathway. 

How this tool could be used

Think about using your resources and facilities flexibly and effectively across your Community of Learning. Continue your conversations about what your Community of Learning can achieve with its combined resources.

Would employing or sharing a specialist teacher improve education outcomes in a particular area in your Community of Learning?

Is there a facility or specialist learning space that can be shared across your Kāhui Ako that would lift the quality of teaching in schools and early learning services me ngā kōhanga reo across your community?

Once you decide to share your resources, making it happen is simple:

  • To share staffing, schools can fill out a staffing transfer form. 

  • Kāhui Ako can share funding directly with each other. You may want to include details of any funding sharing arrangements in your Memorandum of Agreement. 

  • Sharing technology facilities requires a Memorandum of Agreement between schools and the Ministry of Education. 

Related tools

The existing ways for sharing resources are complemented by a host of new and emerging tools available on the Resource Hub website

Action planning ideas

Here are some examples of the ways you can share your resources as a Community of Learning:

  • Transfer staffing to areas in your Community of Learning to maximise raising achievement. 

  • Pool the Special Education Grant to employ a full-time special education teacher. 

  • Share PLD funding to build capability and improve teaching practices across your community. 

  • Merge several within school roles to create an extra across school teacher who can strengthen connections across the learning pathway. 

Investigate Bundled Services which save time or money, to reinvest in teaching and learning. 

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This tool will help your Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako progress within Domain 6 of the Development Map: Building a thriving Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako.