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Supporting Early learning services me ngā kōhanga reo to join Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako

Early learning services me ngā kōhanga reo (early learning services) are an integral part of a child’s learning journey, and can play an important role in Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako.

The knowledge and understanding early learning services have of how children learn and develop can support Kāhui Ako to better meet the needs of children transitioning to school and influence positive education outcomes from an earlier age.

When early learning services work closely with schools and other services in a Community of Learning, whānau can be confident their children are getting the best start to their education. This lays foundations for lifelong learning and enables a smoother transition to school.

To facilitate representation across the 0-18 learning pathway, Ministry of Education staff can support Kāhui Ako and early learning services to discuss the benefits of joining Kāhui Ako. Knowing which Kāhui Ako or early learning service should be talking to each other is an important part of this process.

Ministry of Education advisors can talk with early learning
services* about options for joining existing or yet-to-be approved Communities of Learning. They can also guide Kāhui Ako in connecting with early learning services that best fit their learning pathway and provide data to show where children are going to and have come from.

You may want to start discussions with services with large numbers of children enrolling in schools in your Kāhui Ako. Ministry advisors can talk with you about this or other options for services wishing to join existing or yet-to-be approved Communities of Learning.

Discussions like these will give you greater insight into the needs of early learners transitioning through your Kāhui Ako.

* The data for these conversations is currently from ELI data. Your Ministry advisor can also provide information on kōhanga reo and playcentres in your area.


How this tool could be used

Your local Ministry of Education advisor can explain how information and data can be used in your local learning context.

For example, understanding early learning pathways and matching these to the most appropriate Kāhui Ako will enable you to
best meet the needs of the children and young people who are transitioning to school. This supports discussions on how early learning services can be represented in a Community of Learning. 

Related tools

Support available from the Ministry includes:

  • Strengthening Early Learning Opportunities (SELO) programme for early learning clusters. 

  • Teacher-led Innovation Fund (TLIF). Early learning services can now access this fund directly or as a member of a Kāhui Ako: 

Action planning ideas

  • If you don’t have early learning services in your Kāhui Ako, talk to those that do about how early learning services can contribute to your achievement challenges.
  • If you are an early learning service:
    • you could work in an early learning cluster and use the Strengthening Early Learning Opportunities (SELO) programme to align with the 0-18 learning pathway, with a view to becoming involved with or formally joining a Community of Learning 

    • Talk to your Ministry of Education advisor about how you can become involved in a Kāhui Ako.