collaboratively for the best learning outcomes for every child.

Expert partners

Expert partners are academics and practitioners who can work with you to strengthen your data analysis and help you understand the root causes for the challenges you face. They are there to provide advice and guidance about the kinds of change, learning and development opportunities that will lift the quality of teaching in Kāhui Ako to support personalised learning pathways for every learner.

Expert partners are your ‘critical friends’. They can support you to:

  • inquire into ‘puzzles of practice’
  • bring new eyes to your challenges and provide alternative ideas
  • plan and monitor your improvement actions
  • work in partnership with other ‘experts’, e.g. practitioners, PLD facilitators, researchers, community and/or cultural leaders
  • spread effective practice within your Kāhui Ako.

How this tool could be used

You can select an expert partner from the list of available people. The website provides a short bio of each expert partner so you can match their skills with the context and needs you have. Some partners are skilled in supporting tumuaki and kaiako in Māori medium, others in English medium and others
will be able to support Kāhui Ako with dual medium pathways.

Your expert partner help you determine the support you need, and will be available up to 10 days every 6 months within a 2 year period.

Related tools

Each neighbourhood has tools that you can use with your expert partner as you develop and implement your action plans to personalise learning pathways to meet your achievement challenges.

  • For example, the Teaching domain has a number of tools that can support you as you work with your expert partner including progress and achievement tools, the local curriculum smart tool, TLIF and PLD
  • The Partnering domain has tools to help you engage with parents, whānau and the wider community to understand what needs to change to support their children and young people in their learning pathways.

Action planning ideas

Each Kāhui Ako will be in a different starting place when they decide to work with an expert partner.

To get started, we suggest that you:

  • undertake a review of where you are up to in your Kāhui Ako and decide what kinds of external support you might need to hone your ideas
  • look for a partner who will be able to meet your needs, give them a call and take it from there.

Where to find out more

To find out more about how an expert partner can help you, contact your local Ministry Advisor or have a look at the website to see who is available to work with you.

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This tool will help your Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako progress within Domain 1 of the Development Map: Teaching collaboratively for the best learning outcome for every child.