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Learning progressions framework (LPF)

Understanding progress and achievement as children and young people move along the education pathway is central to your work as a Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako.
The Learning Progression Frameworks (LPF) in reading, writing and mathematics illustrate the significant steps that learners take as they develop their reading, writing and mathematics expertise from Years 1 to 10, spanning Levels 1 to 5 of The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC). The frameworks now clarify the expected knowledge and skills students need to develop in Years 9 and 10, supporting success in NCEA and beyond.

Kāhui Ako can use the LPF to:

  • understand learners’ current progress and next steps
  • differentiate instruction and accelerate progress
  • access consistent information about progress to inform future planning
  • support a smooth transition from Year 1 to Year 10
  • provide valuable information about learner progress to parents/whānau
  • help to identify and direct additional support to groups of learners who need it, as part of setting your achievement challenges.

Kāhui Ako can use the Learning Progression App (available from the Apple and Google Play stores) to browse the frameworks and illustrations anywhere, anytime and make notes to help you in your work. Access the frameworks from the LPF website

How this tool could be used

Register for access to the reading, writing and mathematics LPF 

These frameworks are accompanied by online professional learning resources that support you to implement the frameworks within your school.
Additional support will also be available through the Curriculum Tools Support contract. There are two strands of support available in 2017:

  • workshop introduction to the Curriculum Progress Tools
  • in Kāhui Ako support for data literacy, and implementation support to use the progress tools to understand, track and respond to student progress and achievement against The New Zealand Curriculum.

To register your interest email pact.feedback@education.govt.nz

Related tools

The PaCT

The Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) supports consistent overall judgments of student progress and achievement against LPF in reading, writing and mathematics in Years 1–8, curriculum levels 1–4.

The Learning Progression App (available from the Apple and Google Play stores)

Lets you browse the Learning Progression Frameworks anywhere, anytime.

Professional Development and Learning (PLD) Website


Action planning ideas

  • Discuss how you currently use progress information across your Kāhui Ako to understand and inform your achievement challenges; and identify students who need additional support pathways
  • Discuss how well progress in reading writing and mathematics is understood at Year 9 and 10 and how the LPF could add value to your planning.
  • How could information from the LPF be used to support groups of students at key transition points across the learner pathway?
  • What support would leaders and teachers need to understand the tool: introductory session, explanatory session, current expertise within Kāhui Ako?
  • How well do parents/whānau understand their child’s progress, so that they know where their child is at, and the next significant level they are working towards?

Where to find out more

Go to the user guides, professional learning modules, information material and case studies on the LPF website.

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