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Positive Behaviour for Learning: School-Wide

Positive Behaviour for Learning School-Wide (PB4L-SW) is an evidence-based framework that provides schools with a process for teaching children and young people social and behavioural skills to support learning, engagement and retention.

The principles underpinning PB4L-SW can be applied in individual schools and across Kāhui Ako. The principles hold that opportunities for learning and achievement increase if:

  • the school environment is positive and supportive
  • expectations are consistently clear
  • students are consistently taught expected behaviours
  • expected behaviours are consistently acknowledged
  • inappropriate behaviours are consistently responded to in a fairand equitable way.

PB4L-SW provides a continuum of evidence-based interventions including:

  • a range of supports from those that everyone experiences (Tier 1)
  • targeted and individualised supports that a small number of students receive to supplement what is already provided (Tiers 2 and 3).

PB4L-SW provides Kāhui Ako with a common language to talk about student wellbeing and behaviour and a consistent approach to addressing behavioural challenges across all educational settings.

How this tool could be used

Kāhui Ako can use the PB4L-SW framework at two levels:

  • at an individual school level, by teams working with their whole school community – including the voice of students, learning support staff, family and whānau
  • at a Kāhui Ako level, working together to share experiences and use data and evidence to support team-based problem solvingthat contributes to meeting their achievement challenges.

The cornerstone of beginning PB4L-SW is ensuring principal commitment to implementing the framework, and then gaining staff commitment; at least 80% of your team need to be on board for PB4L-SW to be effective.

Related tools

PB4L-SW is one of several approaches that support wellbeing and pro-social behaviour. Related tools include:

PB4L Restorative Practice

  • another tiered approach that focuses on building positive and respectful relationships
  • the Wellbeing@school climate survey

and the Incredible Years Teacher and Parent programmes designed for children aged 3 to 8 years.

Action planning ideas

For Kāhui Ako whose members are new to PB4L-SW, ideas for action planning can include:

  • carrying out the Wellbeing@schools survey to benchmark each school’s environment across Kāhui Ako
  • downloading the PB4L-SW Tier 1 implementation manual overview to start a discussion about how the framework can help you
  • inviting a school coach from a PB4L-SW school to share their experiences – there are more than 750 schools using PB4L-SW, including more than 20 kura and Kura Kaupapa Māori
  • attending the annual School-Wide conference in Auckland this August to learn from peers and overseas implementers about the framework in action.

Where to find out more

Find out more about PB4L School-Wide and other positive behaviour approaches

TKI provides supporting material, including; the PB4L-SW Tier 1 (universals) manual, stories from schools, bullying prevention advice, conference presentations, links to the Wellbeing@school climate survey and the restorative practice kete, as well as a list of schools that are already implementing the PB4L-SW framework.

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