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Te Waharoa Ararau

Te Wahroa Ararau (TWA) is an online system that kura in Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako can use to collect and report individual student achievement information in relation to Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori (NWRM). It is aligned to Te Marautanga o Aotearoa (TMoA).

TWA collates and reports overall teacher judgments together in one place, so that teachers and kura can build a picture of how student achievement is progressing in relation to te reo matatini and pāngarau.
It allows kaiako and kura to plan their future teaching and learning programmes to meet student needs and raise achievement in pānui, kōrero and tuhituhi, te tau me te taurangi, te ine me te āhuahanga and tauanga me te tūponotanga.

TWA is available for Kāhui Ako and all schools with Year 1–8 students.

How this tool could be used

Go to the Te Waharoa Ararau website for more information about TWA and its benefits. You'll need an Education Sector logon to access TWA. Some kura may already have an account as this system is used by many Ministry online services.

To register your interest, email twa.feedback@education.govt.nz.

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    Provides guidance to teachers when developing their teaching and learning programmes for Māori medium settings. Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori describes the te reo matatini and pāngarau skills and knowledge students need in all learning areas across TMoA, at different points of their Year 1 to 8 schooling.
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Action planning ideas

  • Confirm who in your Kāhui Ako is using TWA.
  • Consider an introductory workshop for Kāhui Ako leaders and teachers who are reporting against NWRM to ensure everyone has a common understanding of TWA. Register your interest at twa.feedback@education.govt.nz.
  • Discuss how you currently use achievement information across your Kāhui Ako to understand and inform your achievement challenges.
  • Discuss how schools in your Kāhui Ako currently ensure all students are getting sufficient opportunities to develop their te reo matatini and pāngarau skills in pānui, kōrero and tuhituhi, te tau me te taurangi, te ine me te āhuahanga and tauanga me te tūponotanga.

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